Sacred Sights in Jaipur

In the Pink City, a place known for its grand palaces and imposing fortresses, the sacred sights often get overlooked. It’s a shame, as many of Jaipur’s temples were built in the same style as Jaipur’s other great monuments, and they’re worth a visit as much for their stunning architecture as for the cultural insight they offer the open-minded traveler.

The Temple of the Sun God, sometimes called simply the Monkey Temple for the rhesus macaques who converge there, has served as an important Hindu retreat for some 500 years and remains a popular pilgrimage spot. Devotees come here to bathe in the temple’s pools, believed to have been miraculously sprung from the Ganges.

Birla Lakshmi Narayan Temple, a much more modern sacred monument in Jaipur, was built in 1988 as one of many Birla temples located throughout India. This impressive structure, built entirely from white marble, is covered inside and out with delicate marble carvings of scenes from Hindu, Buddhist, Confucius and Christian mythologies.

Built in 1601, Jagat Shiromani Temple houses a shrine of Krishna and is famous for the artwork within the temple walls.
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