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Lake District

Bosque de Arrayanes

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The Arrayán forest is the main attraction Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes, which is easily accessed from Villa La Angostura. This forest is an important remaining natural stand of the arrayan, or ...  Mer information

Cerro Catedral

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Cerro Catedral is a major attraction in the Bariloche area. It’s 20 km southwest of the city, and is a 2388-meter (7,800-foot) high peak from which you can see the contours of the valley, and the ...  Mer information

Isla Victoria

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Isla Victoria is a small island located in Nahuel Huapi lake, which is part of the park by the same name. The lake is one of the main defining features of this part of Patagonia, with the city of ...  Mer information

Nahuel Huapi National Park

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Nahuel Huapi National Park, which surrounds the lake of the same name, and within which San Carlos de Bariloche is located, is an expansive park of nearly 1.8 million acres, and Argentina’s oldest ...  Mer information

Villa La Angostura

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Villa La Angostura is a small town nearby well-touristed Bariloche, which also has the closest airport. Villa La Angostura is built on the north shores of lake Nahuel Huapi, and is the preferred ...  Mer information