Taking the Langkawi Cable Car

Situated in the northwest of Langkawi Island, the Langkawi Cable Car takes you on an airborne ride from the Oriental Village in Burau Bay up to the top of the island’s second highest peak, Gunung Machincang.

The best time to take the Langkawi Cable Car is in the morning, preferably on a weekday, when it’s less busy and you’re more likely to avoid a long queue. From the base station your cable car will take you up the Machincang range, above lush green forests and the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfalls. As you climb further over dense rainforest, be sure to look out for eagles and other distinctive birds soaring through the tops of the trees.

By the time you reach the middle station at 650 meters above sea level, the views will become all-encompassing. There are even viewing platforms at this level so you can alight and take a moment to really drink in the views of Langkawi below and the forested gorges up ahead.

Back in your cable car, you’ll glide through clouds up another 450 meters to the top of Gunung Machincang, where dizzying views stretch as far as the tip of southern Thailand. From the viewing stations here you can stand amongst nature while you gawp out at Langkawi’s archipelago of islands sprawled out across the Andaman Sea.
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