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Timanfaya National Park

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With its still-steaming mounds of volcanic tuff and eerily barren lava fields, the volcanic terrain of Timanfaya National Park is a world away from the lively beach towns that Lanzarote is best ...  Mer information

Fire Mountains (Montañas del Fuego)

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A vast range of black and red peaks dominating the landscape of the Timanfaya National Park, the evocatively named Fire Mountains (Montañas de Fuego) serve as a lasting reminder of Lanzarote’s ...  Mer information

Los Hervideros

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An extraordinary collage of rocks, caves and lava tubes looming over Lanzarote’s west coast, the coastal cliffs of Los Hervideros rank among the island’s most unusual geological attractions. Formed ...  Mer information

Jameos del Agua

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Part natural wonder, part lavish beach resort, Jameos del Agua is one of the Canary Islands’ most distinctive attractions, built within a series of lava caves on Lanzarote’s northeastern coast. The ...  Mer information

El Golfo

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Far removed from the golden sands and azure waters of Lanzarote’s principal beach resorts, the coastal landscape of El Golfo harbors one of the island’s most unique geological areas. A rare example ...  Mer information

La Geria

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Lanzarote’s rugged volcanic terrain might not seem like the ideal climate for wine growing, but the Canary Islands are renowned for their traditional cultivation of Malvasia grapes, producing the ...  Mer information


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Get a taste of Lanzarote in more ways than one at LagOmar, where its museum, restaurant, bar and cottages are all wrapped into one magical lava-rock landscape. Once a private home, the structure was ...  Mer information

La Graciosa

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Those looking a change of pace from the busy beach resorts and lively nightlife of mainland Lanzarote will find the tranquil isle of La Graciosa to be an enchanting place, just a short boat ride ...  Mer information

Playa Blanca

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If white-sanded beaches are your thing, then look no further than Playa Blanca (quite literally meaning “white beach”) in Lanzarote. This once-humble fishing village offers more than just a beach, ...  Mer information

César Manrique Foundation

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Art and architecture meet nature at the César Manrique Foundation. Situated in Manrique’s former home, the foundation melds into a landscape of lava rock and provides a visually stunning ...  Mer information

Villa de Teguise

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Back in the 1400s, Villa de Teguise sat at the heart of Lanzarote life, serving as the island’s capital until the 19th century. Its location was especially advantageous: Mount Guanapay, upon which ...  Mer information

Famara Beach (Playa de Famara)

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A 1.8-mile-long stretch of golden sand fringed by soaring sea cliffs, the picturesque setting of Famara Beach (Playa de Famara) has earned it a legion of fans, among them renowned local artist ...  Mer information

Janubio Salt Pans

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Salt has played an important role in Lanzarote since the late 19th century, accounting for a large percentage of the island’s industrial income and even making its mark on local culture – during the ...  Mer information