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Luxor Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Modeled after the pyramids of ancient Egypt, the Luxor Hotel and Casino is pointed in the right direction - hey, it's got a Sphinx at its front! The inside of the Luxor Hotel features more than 4,000 hotel rooms, upscale entertainment, modern lounges, and an Egyptian flair for style.

Luxor has made a name for itself thanks to its nightlife and entertainment options: IMAX theatres, posh night clubs, and popular performance spaces. Exclusive nightclubs include LAX, Noir bar, and Flight, all of which are home to constant celebrity sightings. And then there’s the Atrium floor, where performers like Britney Spears have performed.

The Luxor Hotel is also a great place to kick back and relax. There are the elegant pools and spas, and of course luxury suites. With the impressive views and beautiful architecture that surround, it’s no wonder that the Luxur is considered one of the beter hotels in Vegas.

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Blue Man Group på Monte Luxor Hotel and Casino

144 recensioner

Både barn och vuxna kommer att älskar den festliga atmosfären som Blue Man Group skapar under sin föreställning på den ...  Mer information

  • Plats: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Varaktighet: 90 minuter
Från USD 84,99