Dedalo Market

If it isn’t a vacation until you go shopping, Dedalo Market in the Barranco district will make the visit official. Here at this bohemian, coastal plaza, visitors can find everything from designer jewelry to contemporary Peruvian art. The items you’ll find at Dedalo Market are different than you might find in Cuzco, and there isn’t as much Incan or “traditional” heritage at this finer, higher-end market. Instead, shelves are filled with colorful blown glass and handmade ceramic bowls, or elegant wood and stone carvings you’d use to decorate a home. Prices are fixed at most of the stores and the setting is modern and comfortable, so there isn’t the haggling or pressure to buy that accompanies goods on the street. To take a break from the souvenir hunt, relax at the small coffee shop on the plaza’s inside patio, or cross the street for a view of the coast and the smell of salt on the breeze. While the market itself isn’t excessively large or even traditionally Peruvian, it’s a trendy spot for that unique purchase that no one will have back at home. 
Adress: Saenz Peña, Lima, Peru
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