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3 Days in Livingstone: Suggested Itineraries

Med Viator, January 2015

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After a quick breakfast on the streets of Livingstone hop in a taxi to Victoria Falls Park. Spend the morning wandering through wooded paths and shaded trails before crossing the footbridge over the iconic Natural Wonder. Hike through the rising mist, then climb down into the Boiling Point and watch water sport enthusiasts pile into rafts before they splash out on Level 4 and 5 rapids in the Zambezi River.

Rise early and head out for the quintessential Livingstone experience: white-water rafting on the Zambezi River. These Level 4 and 5 rapids prove difficult for even the most seasoned adventurer. But that’s part of their attraction. Long, violent passes with deep waters and major drops (not to mention crocodiles and river snakes that are nearly impossible to avoid) mean plenty of excitement.

If white-water rafting wasn’t enough, use a final day in Livingstone to take advantage of the town’s laundry list of other extreme sports.

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