Household Cavalry Museum

Located in the heart of London, the Household Division’s headquarters looks back on hundreds of years of tradition and rich history. But the integrated Household Cavalry Museum isn’t just any old dusty exhibition; it’s an actual workplace that provides insight about real people doing their real jobs – jobs that involve longstanding ceremonies that haven’t been changed in over 350 years. The Household Cavalry is responsible for guarding the queen on various occasions in the United Kingdom and also for serving as part of the British Army around the world in vehicles. As a military museum, this site offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the ceremonial duties and working role of the British Army’s senior regiment, the Household Cavalry.

Visitors can observe the troopers working in the original 18th-century stables on site (which are only separated from the museum by a glass screen), learn how the horses and their riders are trained and discover the long history of the queen’s mounted bodyguards  through a collection of pageantry, uniforms, instruments, awards and personal accounts. If timed right, the enriching experience includes the famous guard change and inspection ceremonies.
Adress: Horse Guards Ave, London SW1A 2AX, England
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