Crime & Mystery Walking Tours in London

With a dark history of gangsters, ghosts, treachery, and treason, London is steeped in crime and mystery—both fabled and true. Once night falls over the city streets, here are some ways to delve into the sinister side of London’s checkered past.

  • Trace the steps of notorious killer Jack the Ripper and hear gruesome tales of his 19th-century crimes.
  • Delve into the East End’s organized crime history and learn of brutal gangsters, including the infamous Kray Twins, who ruled London’s gangland in the swinging sixties.
  • Follow an expert guide through medieval streets and hidden alleys—from Viaduct Tavern to Smithfield Market—and hear blood-curdling tales from beyond the grave.
Ghost Tours
From the Middle Ages to the Victorian era and beyond, London has been a hotbed of crime and deceit, with macabre tales of murder and mayhem traveling down the generations. Take a guided walking tour along London’s hidden alleyways into the dark corners of sites like St. Paul’s Cathedral and Smithfield Market—once the site of public executions—and hear sinful stories of the ghostly apparitions that are said to still haunt the city.

Crime History Tours
Many of the darkest crimes in London’s history have been solved and filed away, but there remain a certain few infamous thieves and murderers who escaped the long arm of the law. Join a tour and journey through the sinister world of organized crime in London’s East End. See where the notorious Kray Twins undertook their gruesome acts, and hear stories of jewelry heists, robberies, conspiracy theories, and more from London’s dim and distant past.

Jack the Ripper Tours
Perhaps the most notorious of London’s unsolved mysteries, the brutal killings meted out by Jack the Ripper in the 19th century are enough to send chills down the spine even today. Follow the infamous murderer’s footsteps through London’s East End, and listen as a guide sheds light on the many killings for which he is believed to be responsible. 
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