Stonehenge Tours from London

Set on the windswept Salisbury Plain is Stonehenge, the UNESCO-listed stone circle famous for the mystery that shrouds its purpose. Why was it built? How was it built? Take a peek into its prehistoric past with a day trip to the site from London.

Combo Tours
Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor, and Oxford: They’re all within easy reach of London. Pair a tour of the stones with some English highlights to enjoy prehistoric and modern history in one go. Windsor Castle, the Roman spa town of Bath, and the quintessential English country village of Lacock are among the pairing options.

Unique Experiences
Most Stonehenge tours and tickets allow you to walk around the stones but not amid them; it's a tactic to reduce erosion caused by our feet. However, private viewings offer privileged access to the mystical inner circle, at times when the site is free from its daytime crowds. Viewings are timed to sync with sunrise or sunset for an extra-special Stonehenge experience.

Things to Know
  • Stonehenge's location on an open plain leaves it at the mercy of the fickle British weather—something its neolithic architects didn't consider. Bring warm clothing and a waterproof jacket just in case.
  • Most tours start at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, more than a mile (1.6 km) from the stones. Skip the walk and take the free shuttle service, which speeds you there in less than 10 minutes. You can also hop off halfway and walk the rest so that the megaliths slowly come into view.
  • Stonehenge is not well-served by public transport, so tours and day trips are the way to go. Most depart from Victoria coach station or central London hotels, and the journey straight there takes about two hours.
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