Swiss Transport Museum

The Swiss Museum of Transport, called Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in German, is Switzerland’s most popular museum and shows the past, present and future of transport and mobility on land, at sea, in the air and even outer space. More than 3,000 displays on approximately 20,000 square meters of exhibition space bear witness to a moving history in the truest sense of the word and show the inventions and deeds of explorers and inventors. But isn’t only the old planes and trains that draw visitors from young to old here, the Swiss Museum of Transport also tells of future challenges in the field of transport and communications and has a focus that goes beyond Switzerland and Earth. Apart from the many halls dedicated to road, rail and air travel, the museum also hosts the largest screen in Switzerland in the adjoining IMAX theatre as well as a planetarium. No matter what the weather in often rainy Switzerland might be like outside, inside you can enjoy incredible nature documentaries from around the planet or go on an unforgettable space walk among the stars.

The newest exhibition in the Museum of Transport is the Swiss Chocolate Adventure. The display that has been developed together with Lindt is covering 700 square meters and is a multimedia journey that informs about the discovery, origin and production of chocolate. The famous Swiss chocolate is a globally exported product and therefore, there is still a strong transportation theme that ties into this cross section of chocolate history. Visitors sit in automatically controlled cars and head out on a 25-minute journey that takes them from the cultivation of cocoa beans in Ghana, all the way to lush alpine meadows with Matterhorn Mountain in the background, and ends in an oversized box of chocolate.
Adress: Lidostrasse 5, Lucerne 6006, Schweiz
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