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Harbour Town

Everyone wants a gift from vacation, and the Harbour Town Outlets are a practical place for finding a really good deal. Here on the city’s bustling Docklands just outside of West Melbourne, visitors might find that special gift at one of the 90 outlets. Start the adventure with coffee or tea from one of the cafés on site, and peruse the sprawling retail maze in search of the perfect fit. If visiting Melbourne from overseas, swing by the center’s Tourism Lounge for a second round of deals, since tourists often receive bonus discounts not available to other shoppers. Additional features include a Ferris wheel and occasional outdoor ice rink, and Harbour Town can be a family outing—not just another shop.

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Melbourne är känt för sin blomstrande matscen, unika gatukonst och en mängd sevärdheter som gör den till en av Australiens mest ...  Mer information

  • Plats: Melbourne, Australien
  • Varaktighet: Varierar
  • Språk: Engelska
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