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Chapultepec Castle

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North America may not be known for its regal royalty or holding court, but Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City—the only palace on the continent—is definitely the real deal. Located more than 7,000 feet above sea level, Chapultepec has housed sovereigns, served as a military academy and was even an observatory. In 1996 the castle was transformed into Capulet Mansion for the movie Romeo and Juliet, too.

Until 1939, Chapultepec Castle served as the presidential residence. Then a new law moved it elsewhere and the castle became home to both the National Museum of History and the National Museum of Cultures instead. A stroll through these halls, followed by a tour of lush castle grounds is a perfect way to spend a Mexico City afternoon.

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Exklusivt för Viator: tidigt inträde till slottet Chapultepec och till Nationalmuseet för antropologi i Mexico City

60 recensioner

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  • Plats: Mexico City, Mexiko
  • Varaktighet: 5 timmar 30 minuter
  • Språk: Engelska
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