Metropolitan Monterrey

Often regarded as the most “Americanized” city in Mexico, the metropolitan mecca of Monterrey ranks high among both international travelers and the nation’s most notable businesses. This hub of culture and commerce, founded in 1596 and stationed in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental, draws high-level CEOs and curious travelers to its bustling streets, where Mexican history blends with modern city life.

Visitors love to wander the Santa Lucia Riverwalk, which connects the Macroplaza—one of the world’s largest pedestrian plazas—with Fundidora Park, the city’s largest urban park. The energetic streets of Barrio Antiguo, one of Monterrey’s oldest neighborhoods, come alive after dark and travelers flock to the bars, clubs and restaurants that make this area a favorite among both visitors and locals. The Museum of Modern Art also offers a taste of Mexican culture, while the popular Alfa Planetarium proves a favorite educational stop for families.

The city continues to rank among the nation’s safest destinations but it’s still advisable for travelers to take caution when moving through the streets after dark. Rains tend to be heavy between May and September—some of the hottest months in the city.
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