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3 Days in Las Vegas: Suggested Itineraries

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Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Let the sparkling glitz of the casinos and shows entice you to lose yourself in the wild neon nightlife, and unleash your inner cowboy/girl on the Grand Canyon. ...  Mer information

Rundtur i Grand Canyon

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Få den bästa utsikten över Grand Canyon och beundra djupet och storslagenheten på någon av de många helikopter- och bussturerna som avgår från Las Vegas. ...  Mer information

Las Vegas Comedy Shows

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From Carrot Top’s brazen antics and equally brazen orange hair at the Luxor to Penn and Teller, the famous oddball duo (one doesn’t speak) who combine laughs with mystifying illusions and stunts at ...  Mer information

Rafting Trips from Las Vegas

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The mighty Colorado River runs from Colorado through Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California and into Mexico. The approximate 1,450-mile (2,330-kilometer) river is most well-known for being the ...  Mer information

Top Day Trips From Las Vegas

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For an outdoor event, consider heading to the Springs Reserve to see how natural springs allowed early settlers of the Las Vegas regions to survive the scorching Mojave Desert heat. A great look ...  Mer information

Self-Drive Grand Canyon Day Trips From Las Vegas

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You will have everything you need to explore the Grand Canyon: a full tank of gas and GPS instructions in either an Escalade or an SUV, if you choose to go for some off-road action. On your tour ...  Mer information

Canyon Boat Tours

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Experience the magnitude of the Grand Canyon from below, on a boat ride down the mighty Colorado River. It's a truly unique view, cruising (or rafting) down the river past towering sandstone cliffs ...  Mer information

Cirque du Soleil Shows in Las Vegas

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Adapting conventional theatrics to the finest in drama circus arts, each show is a visual spectacle, and with so much variety, even the most stubborn drama aficionado can't miss the opportunity to ...  Mer information

Las Vegas Weddings

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Want a helicopter wedding? No problem. Looking for a spectacular outdoor setting? Easy. In a hurry, on a budget and don’t want to get out of your car? Not an issue. The traditional wedding ...  Mer information

Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rides

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Sure, you can drive through the desert or even walk through the desert with a horse with no name. But there's only one way to really experience the desert and that's on an adrenaline-charged ...  Mer information

Things to Do in Las Vegas With Kids

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While Las Vegas has been perfunctorily touting itself as family-friendly for several years, its “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” marketing campaign and TV commercials featuring scantily clad ...  Mer information

Hoover Dam Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas

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If you’re in Vegas, you could always head out by car to see this scenic feat of engineering, but the best way to appreciate its scale is to see it from the air. There are numerous options. One of ...  Mer information

Horseback Riding in Las Vegas

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With the Wild West Sunset Horseback Ride, you get picked up from your hotel and given a peaceful afternoon discovering the lands made famous by the myths of cowboys and Indians. Then enjoy the ...  Mer information

Where to Find the Best Views of the Grand Canyon

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If you’re looking for just a helicopter tour, a 45-minute flight over the Grand Canyon from Tusayan, Arizona is a smart option, as it allows you to fly over both the North and South Rims, as well as ...  Mer information

Cirque du Soleil

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Adapting conventional theatrics to the finest in drama circus arts, each show is a visual spectacle, and with so much variety. Honored as one of the best-produced shows around, ...  Mer information