Haunted Nevis

In Nevis, you’ll find a unique blend of centuries-long colonial history mixed with West Indian cultures and beliefs, so it’s not surprising that you’ll also hear a handful of ghost stories as you explore the island. Travelers particularly interested in exploring the spooky side of this Caribbean isle can find a handful of reputedly haunted spots, some with a downright spooky vibe.

Good spots to make your first introductions with the Nevis from beyond the grave are the historic graveyards scattered around. Both the Jewish Cemetery in Charlestown and the church graveyard at St. John’s Figtree Anglican Church have headstones dating back more than 300 years. If spooky ruins are more your vibe, stop at the adjoining New River and Coconut Walk estates, where an old sugar mill and plantation buildings are yours to explore, quietly being reclaimed by the forest.

Next, take a hike along the nearby Devil’s Copper Trail, thought to be haunted due to the heat-spewing volcanic vents you traverse along the way. Last, but certainly not least, any ghost hunters worth their salt will make a beeline for the Eden Brown Estate. This is the spot where, in 1822, bride-to-be Julia Huggins watched as her groom and his best man dispatched each other in a duel. Devastated, she sank into loneliness and hid away from sight until she passed away. Some say they still sense her presence, walking the grounds lonely and mourning.
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