Nevis Heritage Trail

The small island of Nevis has an out-sized historical past as the birthplace of American statesman Alexander Hamilton and the home of legendary British Naval officer Horatio Nelson. The centuries of colonial history have left their marks all across the island, and visitors can see an incredible collection of historic sites by following the Nevis Heritage Trail. Some 25 historic sites make up the trail, which starts in the capital of Charlestown, where you can pick up a trail map from the ferry ticket booths.

Notable sites along the trail include plantations like the Montpelier Plantation and the Hermitage Estate, which is still in use today as an inn. There are many religious sites like the Charlestown Methodist Church and the Jewish Cemetery, both easily found within Charlestown, or stop in Gingerland at some of the island's most beautiful churches, Gingerland Methodist and St George’s Anglican. Just south of the capital, Fort Charles was the island’s largest fort, built to protect Charlestown from the French and Spanish. And a stop at the Coconut Walk Estates offers a chance to see the island’s largest windmill alongside the remnants of Nevis’ last working sugar factory. 
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