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Amish Country Tours from New York City

Med Viator, November 2017

Visiting Amish country from New York City is one of the largest reversals of environment possible found anywhere along the eastern seaboard. There aren’t many places where you can find yourself grabbing a morning coffee among one of the most energetic city centers in the world—the pre-dawn hours still awash in a sea of neon lights—and only a few hours later be dining in a traditional farm house in a village with no electricity sharing the company of people living the same way as their ancestors did 200 years ago. Such is the case, however, on a day trip to visit Amish country from New York City. While the state of New York is home to its own set of Amish villages in the western part of the state, the Amish country most accessible from New York City are the villages found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a place where the honking of taxi cabs is replaced by the clip-clop of horses pulling your carriage down an old country road.

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Dagsutflykt från New York till Philadelphia och Amish-regionen

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Utforska landsbygden utanför New York på en dagsresa till Philadelphia och Lancaster County, där Amish-folket bor. Du får åka genom ...  Mer information

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