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There are three Corniche roads of the Cote d'Azur, each with spectacular views.

Forged by the Romans and shored up by Napoleon, the Grande Corniche is the highest of the roads along the coast, and also the most dangerous. But not only is it the least safe driving-wise, its altitude also often means a whitewash of fog, which does a driver no favours. Confident drivers wishing to see the Cote d'Azur at its most unspoiled will want to take this road.

This road goes along the coast, often side-by-side with the train line – thus its name, which translates to the Low Cornice. Exits for all of the French Riviera towns make this a convenient route for road trippers, but this can also mean extreme congestion on the weekends and during the high season.

The Moyenne Corniche is the newest of the routes along the Mediterranean, and it sits in altitude between the upper Grande and the lower Basse. Eze, the popular inland destination, is accessible via the Moyenne.

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