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Maracajau Reef (Parrachos de Maracajau)

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If the string of shallow coral reefs that grace Natal’s gorgeous, sandy coastline could be called a necklace, then Maracajaú Reef is its biggest, most beautiful jewel. Known as Parrachos de ...  Mer information

Barra Lighthouse

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Perched proudly at the end of the Barra peninsula and housed inside an ancient Portuguese fort, Barra Lighthouse (Farol da Barra) is a prime spot to view the spectacular sunsets and views across All ...  Mer information


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Pelourinho is Salvador’s original colonial center and was Brazil's first slave market. Its name is derived from the post or pillory that African slaves were tethered to and whipped by their ...  Mer information


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A small colonial town set on the banks of the Paraguaçu river, Cachoeira is both the capital of Reconcavo and an important vestige of Brazil’s colonial past, and makes a popular day trip from ...  Mer information

Dique do Tororó (Tororo Dam)

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In a city that’s filled with crowds of people, bustling commercial districts and an energy that can be described as nothing short of kinetic, the quiet out-of-the-way sidewalks of Dique do Tororo ...  Mer information

Forte de Monte Serrat

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Built in the late 1500s, Forte de Monte Serrat was once known as Castelo de Sao Felipe and today still serves as one of the most iconic military structures in all of Brazil. Its traditional ...  Mer information

Itaparica Island

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This tropical island, which once played host to the Sul America Tennis Open, is home to some 40 kilometers of white sandy beaches, thick green forests and stunning ocean views. Travelers used to the ...  Mer information

Lagoinha Beach

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Half-moon shaped Lagoinha Beach is a stunning beach that was once a favorite hiding place for pirates. It has a reputation as being the most beautiful beach in the state and its good looks are ...  Mer information