Oman Desert Safaris

Set on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is as rich in natural beauty as in ancient heritage. From the green of wadis and endless rolling sand dunes to impenetrably rocky mountains and ancient villages built into desert walls, here are some of the best desert safari experiences on offer from Muscat.

  • Experience the thrill of dune bashing on a tour of the sea of dunes known as Wahiba Sands.
  • Swim in the clear blue pools of Oman’s wadis (river canyons) or have a picnic lunch on the shores.
  • Watch the sunset over the dunes while enjoying a traditional barbecue dinner with shisha or water pipe.
  • Trek across the desert on a camel, taking in the sunset and sunrise on a tour with a local Bedouin guide.
  • Tour the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Lost City of Ubar in the vast Rub Al Khali desert on a guided tour.
  • Explore the rugged landscape of Green Mountain on a private 4x4 adventure.
  • Camp with a guide overnight in the pristine and dune-filled Arabian desert known as the Empty Quarter.
  • Haggle for Bedouin jewelry at the bustling souks of Nizwa, the capital of Oman’s interior, as part of a multi-day tour.
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