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Along with the Kon-Tiki and Norwegian Folk museums, the Fram is another of the crowd-pullers on the Bygdøy peninsula. It’s found in a new and extraordinary pyramidal structure with a vast portrait of Roald Amundsen projected on to the façade, which houses the most famous Norwegian polar-exploration boat of all time, the icebreaker Fram.

Fram was veteran of many Arctic voyages when Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen – the first man to reach both North and South Poles – gained worldwide fame by sailing her to Antarctica from 1910 to 1912, where he beat the UK's Robert Scott in a race to the South Pole.

The museums displays have also been given a spruce up and now feature dioramas capturing the horrific conditions of polar exploration in the early 20th century, a recreation of Amundsen’s Antarctic base put together from photos and written witness, and displays on the Northwest Passage through the Arctic ice floes, all brought to life with the use of multimedia, interactive maps, and black-and-white images.  Kids will love all the tales of nautical daring and the "dark walk" simulator, in which they experience temperatures below freezing, but the highlight of a visit is boarding Fram to explore the ship’s cramped confines and learn of the hardships of polar exploration.
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