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Parque Natural Metropolitano (Metropolitan National Park)

This amazingly accessible park claims to be Latin America's only municipal wildlife reserve, draped luxuriantly across 232 hectares (573 acres) in the city center. Though not exactly pristine (it was a key staging area the 1989 US invasion), it remains a remarkably well-preserved dry tropical forest, one of the world's most threatened biomes, walking distance from the modern city.

Though hikers never quite escape the drone of civilization, it's easy to forget when wandering 4km (2.5mi) of trails along the Curundo River and up Mirador Cerro Cedro (150m/492ft), the second highest spot in the city. Squirrel monkeys (mono titis), two- and three-toed sloths, coatis, green iguanas, toucans, and many other animals call the park home.

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Metropolitan Natural Park Tour i Panama City

Lär känna den enda djurlivshytten i staden, det djurliv som finns i Metropolitan Natural Park innehåller. Se 284 arter av träd, 45 arter av ...  Mer information

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