Beyond Moulin Rouge: Paris’ Other Famous Cabarets

An evening at the cabaret is one of the most popular experiences in Paris, and while the Moulin Rouge is certainly the most famous, the city hosts a number of other stellar shows. From Le Lido to the Crazy Horse, here are Paris’ other top cabarets.

Lido de Paris
Le Lido is located right on the Champs Elysées, making it the perfect spot for a night on Paris' most glamorous avenue. Home to performances by famous names and frequented by local socialites and celebrities, the cabaret is renowned for its spectacular performances and glittering revues. The shows at Le Lido are one of a kind, with technological additions such as giant screens and laser effects—the venue even houses an ice rink. While still an adult show, it's less suggestive than other cabarets, featuring tap dancing, clowns, and a cowboy show.

Paradis Latin
A visit to Paradis Latin will take you back in time. Commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 1800s, the cabaret was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World's Fair. Paradis Latin shows focus on the art of dance while incorporating trapeze acts and acrobatics, all performed by some of the most beautiful women and men you've ever seen, in extravagant (yet barely there) costumes. Take a step back in time to enjoy this historical venue and brilliant show with a Paradis Latin dinner and show experience.

Crazy Horse
No list of Paris cabarets is complete without a mention of the Crazy Horse Cabaret. For more than 60 years, it has wowed audiences with dazzling dancers and racy routines, often leaving guests hot under the collar. All resident dancers, including Zula Zazou and Psykko Tico, dedicate three months to intense training before they hit the stage for a performance. Watch their efforts pay off in the cabaret's Désirs. Creative lighting displays and silhouettes of the female form play major roles in the 14 acts, all brought to life with the help of designer Christian Louboutin and photographer David Lynch.

Set in the Montmartre neighborhood, Nouvelle Eve is especially popular for its rendition of the Can-Can. The show has been around since 1898—its modern incarnation since 1949. La Nouvelle Eve's interior of deep blue velvet stars and coverings is based on the heady times of the Belle Epoque, when cabaret was invented in a whirl of glitter and feathers. 
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