Paris for Foodies

For every architectural wonder and stroll along the Seine, there's something delicious to eat in Paris—and plenty of ways to do so. Cooking classes, walking tours, tastings, and dinner experiences ensure you won’t go hungry. Here are your options.

Must-Try Dishes
Start the day with a simple breakfast of baked goods from a local boulangerie, where you can grab a croissant, which should be flaky and buttery; pain au chocolate, similar to a croissant but with chocolate in the middle; or a baguette, a thin loaf of crusty bread. Pop into a patisserie for an afternoon pick-me-up of colorful macarons, a delicate sandwich cookie made from meringue, and end your day with a French classic like bœuf bourguignon (a beef stew prepared in red wine) or coq a vin (braised chicken with mushrooms and onions)—two dishes made famous outside France in Julia Child’s cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Must-Do Experiences
  • Go behind the scenes of a boulangerie to learn the art of making baguettes and croissants.
  • Dine at a restaurant by Alain Ducasse, a Michelin-star chef, restaurateur, and culinary national treasure.
  • Take a walking tour to find Parisian delights, from chocolate to cheese to charcuterie.
  • Discover the secrets behind French sweets such as macarons and crème brûlée with a pastry and dessert cooking class.
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