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Ixpanpajul Natural Park (Parque Natural Ixpanpaul)

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So, you want to explore Guatemala’s subtropical rainforest, but without getting too wild? Ixpanpajul Nature Park offers a several lush and well-maintained ways into the jungle, perfect for a family ...  Mer information

Tikal Ruins

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Located in El Peten, Tikal is the crown jewel of Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Though it has many of the same beautiful temples as its well-known counterparts in Mexico, Tikal stands apart because of its ...  Mer information

El Ceibal

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Strategically located above the Pasión River, a once important trade route to the Gulf of Mexico, El Ceibal (also written “Seibal”) is one of the best preserved of Peten’s Mayan cities.  ...  Mer information

Lake Petén Itza

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Guatemala’s second largest lake, a sparkling expanse at the heart of the hot, humid Petén Basin, was one of the earliest cradles of Mesoamerican civilization. The lush rainforests at its fringe ...  Mer information