Sealife Encounters in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a resort destination to capture the imagination. The rich jungle interior of the Dominican Republic is behind you, and all of the Atlantic before you. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities for this seaside resort town, and should you choose to partake in some of the areas fine water sports, a rich abundance of sealife awaits.

Crystal clear waters make for excellent underwater visibility, and the myriad diving options include sea caves to the south, reefs to the north, three different shipwrecks and numerous snorkel spots. A whole reef system awaits your exploration, and, if you’ve never seen a live reef before, you will be dazzled at the color and diversity of life found therein.

The first thing you should be aware of is the reef itself. Hundreds of different types of living coral await your exploration, and though this vibrant structure may look still, each coral is actually alive, classified as an animal in the kingdom of things, and is delicate – try not to touch it if you can! Among the coral live thousands of different species of fish, each trying to carve out their own niche amongst the tide. You’ll spot Longsnout seahorses, Goldentail Moray Eels, Southern Stingrays, Angelfish, Web Burrfish, frogfish, barracudas, nurse sharks, trumpetfish, and more.
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