Wine Lover's Guide to Quebec

Quebec’s passion for fine wine likely stems from its French heritage, but with frosty temperatures and a tough terrain to contend with, it has taken a while for the province’s wine industry to find its feet. Today, however, Quebec’s wine scene is flourishing—here are a few ways to experience it.
Must-Try Varietals
Wine production in Quebec is focused on the southernmost parts of the province in areas around Montreal and Quebec City, such as Montérégie, the Eastern Townships, Centre-du-Québec, Lanaudière, and the Lower Laurentians. As in much of Eastern Canada, cold winter temperatures mean hardy hybrid grape varieties designed to withstand winters in North America dominate the vineyards. Frontenac, maréchal foch, and seyval are all commonplace, though Old-World varietals, such as chardonnay and cabernet franc, are also present.
In addition to white, rosé, sparkling, and red wines, Quebec is also famed for its production of fruit wine and ice wine, a sweet and syrupy dessert-style wine made by harvesting and pressing naturally frozen grapes.
Must-Do Experiences
  • Visit traditional wineries and artisanal food producers on the Island of Orleans (Ile d’Orléans).
  • Learn wine-tasting techniques and enjoy a gourmet lunch and cheese tasting during a wine tour around Quebec wine country near Montreal.
  • Take part in an ice wine cocktail-mixing class during a winter ice-wine tour.
  • Follow the dedicated Wine Route, which links about 20 of Quebec’s top wineries in the Brome-Missisquoi region.
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