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Red Sea

Red Sea

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The Red Sea separates Egypt and Saudi Arabia, flowing from the Indian Ocean through the Gulf of Aden. In Egypt if surrounds the Sinai Peninsula and Gulf of Aqaba. Dotted with cruise and fishing ...  Mer information

St Catherine's Monastery

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This legendary Greek Orthodox St. Catherine Monastery is one of the oldest places of worship in the world. Founded in the 4th century, the monastery stands on the site where Moses saw the burning ...  Mer information

Giftun Islands

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The Giftun Islands are a popular excursion from Hurghada, offering snorkeling, diving, sunbathing and a welcome retreat from the mainland bustle. Offshore reefs provide spectacular drop-offs for ...  Mer information

Old Hurghada

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There’s much more to Hurghada than modern resorts and tourist facilities. North of the resorts, you’ll find Old Hurghada, or Ad-Dahar. Most locals live in Ad-Dahar, and it’s here that you’ll find ...  Mer information

Abdel Monaem Read Mosque (Big Mosque)

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Once a small fishing village, Hurghada has grown into the most toured destination in Egypt. Though it sits beside the bright-blue waters that bring many visitors to the area, the Abdel Monaem Read ...  Mer information

Colored Canyon

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The swirls of candy-colored rock at Colored Canyon are a popular day trip destination from Sharm el Sheikh, forming some of the most impressive natural features in the world. You'd swear the ...  Mer information

Tiran Island

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Wreck diving is popular off Tiran Island, surrounded by coral reefs and snorkeling lagoons in the Red Sea. The wreck of the Sangria can be clearly seen here, its doomed hull rising above the ...  Mer information

Ras Mohammed Marine Park

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World-famous coral reefs, wreck diving, fantastic snorkeling and a rich array of marine life are protected by Egypt's Ras Mohammed Marine National Park, attracting avid scuba divers from around the ...  Mer information

Mount Sinai

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For many visitors to St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai, the trek to the mountain's 2,285 meter (7,495 foot) summit is a highlight of their visit. There is a chapel at the top, ...  Mer information

Na'ama Bay

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The focus of the Sharm el Sheikh resort action is Na’ama Bay, a collection of glittering seaside resorts fronting the water. Stroll the beachfront promenade lined with restaurants and hotels, or ...  Mer information

Sharm el Sheikh Cruise Port

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Sharm el Sheikh lies on the tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, where the Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez meet the Red Sea. Rapidly growing in popularity with tourists, it is one of the most extraordinary ...  Mer information

Port Safaga

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The busy fishing and ferry Safaga Port is frequently visited by cruise ships and snorkeling day tours. Excursions head off to dive the port’s unpolluted waters from long stretches of beach near ...  Mer information