San Diego’s Underground Bars

Someone will probably tie up my legs and send me swimming with the fishes for broadcasting this, but here are three super cool bars in San Diego that are slightly secret, but simply must be enjoyed!

First up, is Vin de Syrah. This is probably the most well known of the three and can be found on the corner of 5th and E Street in the Gaslamp District. There is a definite Alice in Wonderland feel to the place, with petrified wine vines adorning the ceiling and greenery covering a lot of the walls. There is a very impressive wine list and a selection of cheese, meat and chocolate boards (and we had truffle infused honeycomb with our cheese and it was literally to die for!) No reservations are necessary to get in here, but just see how long it takes to actually find the door to get in!

Next up is Noble Experiment. This can be found at the back of another bar called Neighborhood, known for its wide selection of microbrews on tap. This is a cool little bar at 777 G Street, but the real hole in the wall is Noble Experiment (one of the names for the Prohibition era). The best way to get in here is with a reservation, which you must text up to a week prior to your visit – no calls! If you can get in, head through the hidden door (again, see if you can find it) and have the hostess seat you at one of the stools at the bar or at a lounge. Absolutely no standing in here – this is a classy establishment! Your mixologist will either create a drink for you based on your likes or you can select from the eclectic menu which is always changing. Fancy a ‘Corpse Reviver #2’ or a ‘Prescription Julep’? These mixologists do their thing splendidly and with such panache! Every drink is a masterpiece! Remember, book ahead to ensure you can get in!

Lastly, is a bar called Prohibition. Again, you must be on a list to get in here, but this is a cool, dark little bar that does get quite crowded. There are rules you must abide by – no cell phones at the bar, men must behave like gentlemen and no name dropping, but this little gem takes you back to what I imagine it being like in 20’s and 30’s. Again, expert mixologists create drinks around your likes and are then served in either a tin cup, a jam jar or a glass, depending on the drink. The night I went, there was a jazz band playing so it was quite noisy, but the atmosphere was electric. Prohibition can be found behind the “law offices” of Eddie O’Hare, Esq on 5th Ave.

You can visit the individual websites to get more information on each establishment and to get on a guest list or get phone numbers to text, just remember – keep them secret - mum’s the word!

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