Wine Tasting in Santorini

Santorini’s volcanic soil, sun-soaked summers, and mild, dry winters pair together beautifully to help produce many high-quality red and white wines. Here are a few ways to follow the Aegean island’s wine trail and sample some of Greece’s finest vintages in Santorini.

Must-Try Varietals
Perhaps the most popular wine produced in Santorini, Vinsanto is a sweet white wine featuring the assyrtiko grape alongside varietals such as athiri and aidani. The grapes are dried in the sun so the sugars condense, producing a full-bodied yet delicate sweetness. Oak-aged white nykteri wines are also made in Santorini, as are with a small number of reds using varietals such as mandalieria and mavrotragano.

Must-Do Experiences
  • Visit traditional wineries and cellars around Akrotiri, Fira, or Oia on a guided Santorini wine tour, and sample some of the diverse Santorini wines in production.
  • Take a Greek cooking class and pair traditional dishes such as caramelized pork with local wines.
  • Cruise the Aegean Sea and sip Greek wine on board as the sun sets.
  • Enjoy a guided history tour around Santorini and learn of the island’s rich winemaking heritage.
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