Noryangjin Fish Market

One of the best ways to get to know a new culture is through its food, and Noryangjin Fish Market offers the most authentic and interesting look at the local food culture in Seoul. The Noryangjin Fish Market, one of the largest seafood markets in Korea, has been in operation in the same location since 1927. On any given day, you’ll see vendors selling more than 800 varieties of seafood, both retail and wholesale.

If you can get yourself out of bed and to the market in the wee hours of the morning -- or really, really late at night -- you can witness the daily seafood auction. This is the market at its best, as fishmongers fight to get the best price on bulk items.

Visiting the market is as good as visiting an aquarium, but the best part is sampling the wares. After you’ve made your purchases of clams, fish, squid octopus, sea cucumber, shrimp or crabs, to name a few, you can take them to a restaurant stall within the market. They’ll chop it up for you to eat sashimi-style or prepare it grilled or in a spicy stew.
Adress: 13-8 Noryangjin 1(il)-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Sydkorea
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