How to Choose a Show in Seoul

Comedy, tragedy, drama. You’ll find them nearly any night in one of Seoul’s performing arts venues. Enjoy a family friendly night out on the town with dinner and a local or international performance. Of the dozen or so venues, the Seoul Arts Center represents the best of the pack.

The Seoul Arts Center, composed of the Opera House, Concert Hall and a couple of museums, puts on performances nearly every night of the week, showcasing opera, classical music, ballet, modern dance and sometimes even musical performances brought in from Western countries. The venues are worth a visit for the architecture alone, whether or not you’re seeing a performance.

Other venues in Seoul, like the Chongdong Nanta Theater and the Seoul Cinema, host popular long-term shows that have been playing weekly for months or even years. Many of these most popular performances are interpretive comedies that don’t require any knowledge of Korean to appreciate.

If you are interested in an English performance, check out the White Box Theatre, Seoul’s only performing arts space dedicated solely to English language performances.
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