Aire de Sevilla

Hidden among the Santa Cruz neighborhood's maze of streets, you'll find – if you're looking carefully -- Aire de Sevilla. This spa-like oasis located in the heart of Seville captures the magic of an old-world hammam, allowing the visitor to journey into the past, and also to relax.

The building itself dates back to the 16th century, when it was constructed as a mansion by a viceroy from the Indies. Since then, the structure has been transformed into a hammam – the type of Arab bath once so common in Spain's south -- transporting you to another time with its tranquil pools, hypnotic music, and historical setting of brick-vaulted ceilings dimly lit by Moroccan-style lanterns.

During your two-hour visit, you'll be able to alternate between Aire de Sevilla's pools, of which there are several. Wash away the day's heat and wallow in relaxation while taking dips in the cool-, warm- and hot-water baths. Then, you can find bliss in the sauna, or while relaxing in other baths too, such as the jacuzzi jet-filled hydrotherapy pool or the buoyancy-boosting salt-water one. At some point during your visit, you'll be whisked away for your massage (the length and type of which is based on the package you purchase), before returning to the pools for more time to unwind.
Adress: Calle Aire 15, Seville, Spanien
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