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Game of Thrones Film Sites in Seville

Med Viator, November 2017

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From Iceland’s sweeping glaciers and snow-covered lava fields to Croatia’s imposing sea fortresses and golden sand beaches, the list of Game of Thrones filming locations already reads like a roll call of the world’s most spectacular destinations. Since the fantasy-drama series first took off in 2011, Game of Thrones tours have proved a popular way for fans to discover the real-life locations around the globe, and with seasons five and six recently confirmed by HBO, another top destination has made the cut—Seville in Southern Spain.

The most hotly anticipated plot-line for the show's fifth season is the introduction of Dorne, the southernmost realm of the Seven Kingdoms, and the hot, dusty climes and rugged mountains of Spain's Andalucía are sure to make a memorable backdrop. Cast and crew members are being predictably tight-lipped about the exact filming locations, but one spot that has been confirmed is the grand Alcázar of Seville.

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