Outdoor Activities in Seville

With its enticing terraces and warm temperatures year-round, Seville is the kind of city that invites outdoor living. So whether you’re walking around the historical core or biking past Roman ruins, here are a few ways to get your fix of fresh air and outdoor fun in Seville. 

Walking Tours
With its relatively flat terrain, compact size, and pedestrianized zones, Seville is a very walkable city. Its twisting medieval lanes can, however, be a little disorienting, so it’s a good idea to explore with a guide, at least until you get your bearings. Walking tours typically stop at key monuments, such as the UNESCO-listed Giralda tower (El Giraldillo), the Alcázar of Seville, and Seville Cathedral, as well as the Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz. Some guided city tours venture into the less-visited bohemian neighborhoods of Alameda and Macarena. 

Bike and Segway Tours
If you want to cover more ground than you could on foot, opt for a bike tour of the city. You can peddle around the streets, many of which have segregated bike lanes, cruising past top sights such as Seville Cathedral and the Alcázar of Seville by day, or embark on an evening tour when temperatures begin to cool. More-adventurous cyclists may want to pedal their way to out-of-town sights such as the Roman ruins of Italica. An e-bike tour or a Segway excursion requires a little less physical exertion but offers the same level of fun and speed.  

Horseback Riding and Horse and Carriage Tours
Seville is the home of the Andalucian horse, so it’s no surprise that horses play an important role in local life here and throughout southern Spain. Horseback-riding tours depart from Seville and include treks in the surrounding countryside and Doñana National Park on Andalucia’s Atlantic coast. Within Seville itself, take an old-fashioned trot around town in a horse-drawn carriage, clip-clopping along the city’s historical streets. 
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