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Fox Island

Fox Island -- not to be confused with the Fox Islands in the Aleutian Island chain -- is a remote island accessible from Seward by about an hour boat ride. Full of rainforests, beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs, secluded coves and access to the Kenai Fjords National Park, it’s a true Alaskan paradise for those who enjoy scenic landscapes and outdoor recreation.

Kayak through the turquoise waters that surround the island watching for Stellar sea lions, whales, otters, Dall’s porpoise and seabirds. One of the top kayaking routes from Fox Island is the Fox Island Spit, which begins on the north side of the island and takes you to your choice of Humpy Cove, Thumb’s Cove or El Dorado Narrows for beautiful scenery and great wildlife spotting opportunities.

Fishing is another popular Fox Island activity, especially from mid-July through August when the waters are abundant with salmon. Sign up for a fishing trip or cast your reel right from the beach.

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