Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum (Ohel Moshe Synagogue)

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The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum houses the history of as many as 30,000 Jewish refugees who fled the Holocaust in Europe to settle in the Tilanqiao district of Shanghai during WWII.

The museum is made up of 3 parts: the Ohel Moshe Synagogue (Ohel Moishe), a permanent exhibition hall and a rotating exhibition hall.

The Ohel Moshe Synagogue played a central role in the lives of Jewish refugees in Shanghai during WWII. Built in 1927, it was the center of the Jewish community and one of the only two synagogues built in Shanghai at the time. In the 1930s, Shanghai was one of the only cities in the world giving shelter to the Jews fleeing Nazi persecution in Europe.

Although the synagogue is no longer fully in use, visitors to the museum can witness the fully restored building and learn about its turbulent past.

Adress: 62 Changyang Road, Shanghai, Kina
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