Food Lover's Guide to Siem Reap

While not as well known as Thai or Vietnamese food, the Khmer cuisine slung at Siem Reap food stalls and crafted over the coals of local restaurants is certainly worth sampling after that visit to Angkor Wat. These are some must-try dishes and must-have foodie experiences.
Must-Try Dishes
Hungry locals rise and shine with hearty portions of bai sach chrouk, a traditional pork and rice dish with thinly sliced pork with coconut milk, ginger, pickled cucumbers, and daikon, served steaming hot at nearly every street corner with a small side of savory chicken broth. In a region that’s famous for curry, Khmer red curry is a must-try. This less-spicy cousin of Thai curry is perfect for travelers who love the rich coconut and spices without the serious kick of heat. Pho lovers can tuck into piping hot bowls of nom bahn chok—popular Khmer noodles made from hand-pounded rice and typically served at breakfast. Seafood lovers will appreciate amok fish, a Khmer dish served in a thick yellow curry sauce. Gastronomic adventurers can challenge their palates with chili-fried insects, a street food specialty, or stir-fried red tree ants with beef and basil.
Must-Do Experiences
  • Sample the best street food eats on an evening food tour of Siem Reap’s night markets by remork-moto (a motorized tuk tuk).
  • Learn to prepare authentic Cambodian cuisine alongside local chefs in a rural Cambodian village.
  • Explore the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake at sunset on a romantic evening dinner cruise.
  • Tuck into a Cambodian buffet dinner while watching a traditional Apsara dance performance.
  • Get a taste of Sombai, Cambodia’s local liqueur, with a guided tasting and infusion workshop.
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