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Södra Thailand och Andamankusten

Top Day Cruises from Phuket

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Located on Thailand’s west coast, just south of Bangkok, the city of Phuket serves as a gateway to the blue seas and white sand beaches of the Thai Islands. By basing yourself on the island of ...  Mer information

3 Days in Phuket: Suggested Itineraries

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Dubbed the "Pearl of the South," Thailand's largest and most visited island is one of the world's most famous dream destinations. Even before you arrive on this stunning tropical island, ...  Mer information

3 Days in Krabi: Suggested Itineraries

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Pick an island, any island! After all, Krabi has over 150 close by. Take a day to become an explorer. You might like to try the popular Koh Lanta or the Phi Phi islands, where the movie The Beach ...  Mer information