St John's Anglican Cathedral

Finished in 1848, St John's Anglican Cathedral, an impressive freestone structure, serves as a reminder of Antigua's European roots. Built in the neo-baroque style, the cathedral seems out of place on the Caribbean island, with its iron fence, stained-glass windows and two lofty towers with cupolas on top.

The 70-foot (21-meter) towers serve as distinctive landmarks of the island, as they are the first structures that people see when approaching Antigua by boat. While the view is impressive to some, the sight of the towers once struck fear into the hearts of slaves who were arriving, as it reminded them of the oppressive power of the British who ruled over Antigua.

Stop by the cathedral and see the famed bronze statues of the two St Johns: St John the Baptist and the St. John who the temple was named after. The stoic, European look of the cathedral is a unique departure from the relaxed ocean vibe of this Caribbean island.

Practical Info

St John's Cathedral is located on the western end of Antigua and is about a 10-minute drive from the airport.

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