Russian Food and Cooking Tours in St. Petersburg

Learn about Russian cuisine—heavy on meat, potatoes, and bread—and you’ll soak up Russian culture and history too. Here are a few ideas for food tours in St. Petersburg, whether a private cooking class or a taste of traditional Russian dishes.

Must-Try Dishes
Thin pancakes known as blini are found across Russia and are often topped with butter, sour cream, or fruit preserves. A favorite during New Year’s celebrations, Olivier salad is a mix of mayonnaise and chopped potatoes, carrots, pickles, peas, and ham. Beef stroganoff may be a bit different than what you picture; in Russia, it’s made of lightly floured beef cubes with a sauce of mustard and bouillon topped off with sour cream. Another must-try of Ukrainian origin is borscht, a beet soup with vegetables and meat with  sour cream on top. Wash it all down with some Russian vodka.

Must-Do Experiences
Get off the typical tourist path and share a traditional meal with a local St. Petersburg family.
Take a private tour and cooking class to learn how to prepare traditional Russian food.
Enjoy a traditional Russian dance and musical performance while sampling authentic Russian cuisine.
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