Exploring the Namib Desert

Namibia is a country that’s full of breathtaking scenery—from wide-open savannas to steep canyons, there are few places on earth where the desolate landscape is as beautiful. Perhaps nowhere in this country is this truer than the Namib Desert, where brilliant blue skies meet brilliant orange sands and the iconic dunes back right up to the Atlantic Ocean.

Travelers can explore the unforgiving landscape of this 80 million-year-old desert in multiple ways—from horseback riding across vast stretches of the Namib to dune boarding down the towering hills at top speeds or blazing across the desert sand atop roaring quad bikes. Dead Vlei, a sand pan, is an incredible destination where dead trees stretch unexpectedly out of desert sands and leave visitors with an idea of what the end of the world just might look like. Visitors can drive down the long stretch of highway, where the Namib Desert reaches far into the distance on one side and the Atlantic Ocean meets the horizon on the other. Travelers can also head to iconic Sossusvlei, where Dune 45, perhaps the most photographed destination in Namibia, makes for a popular place to catch sunrise or sunset. 
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