Eating Hot Pot in Taipei

Hot pot, a popular East Asian stew, is the perfect Taiwanese meal to share with good friends, new travel companions, or a table full of locals. Here’s what you need to know before tucking into your hot pot experience, a must-do for any visitor in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei.
What is Hot Pot?
Hot pot, sometimes known as steamboat or shabu-shabu, is a traditional East Asian stew served in a large metal pot on a burner filled with bubbling stock, served alongside a variety of paper-thin meats, sliced vegetables, seafood, dumplings, and mushrooms that you dip into the broth to cook right at the table. Some of the best hot pot restaurants, including Mala Hotpot and Tripod King, offer a choice of soup base, the most popular of which is a spicy hot pot seasoned with spices and Sichuan peppercorns. All-you-can-eat hot pot restaurants are also popular throughout Taiwan and Asia.

Combine a walking tour of Taipei with a hot pot dinner.
Learn the art of cooking hot pot during a private Taiwanese cooking class.
Sample authentic Taiwanese hot pot during a food tour of Ningxia Night Market.
Choose a private tour of the city’s culinary scene for a more personal experience.
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