Monjya Street

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Monjya Street is situated on the man-made island of Tsukishima and is the main hub for monjayaki restaurants in Tokyo. Here, over 70 of these restaurants jostle for attention, coming up with unique flavors for their monjayaki (a type of crispy pancake with various savory fillings). The monjayaki is served uncooked in most cases, and hungry diners must first cook their food using a grill at their table before enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Some of the restaurants only specialize in monjayaki, while others also sell other food items, such as yakisoba. Aside from the food, Tsukishima has some beautiful scenery and is a fascinating mix of the ancient and the modern, making it one of Tokyo’s most interesting neighborhoods.
Adress: Monjya Street, Kyoto, Japan
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