Indigenous Culture in Trujillo

Some people might claim that Trujillo’s indigenous culture is mostly found in the ground. After all, this city was the site of numerous civilizations that were rich in cultural relics, but that isn’t to say that modern day Trujillo is short on indigenous culture. 

In the coastal, beach town suburb of Huanchaco, learn about the reed woven caballito de totora that are considered to be the world’s first surf craft. Ancient fishermen would use these boats to ride their way through the surf, and visitors today can take a ride on the back of these ancient vessels. In the center of downtown Trujillo itself, the Mercado Central (Central Market) is a fascinating stop for traditional textiles and artwork, and the colorful culture of northern Peru seems to jump from every stall.

During the evening, enjoy a traditional marinera dance performance at a local restaurant or hotel. This stylish dance is considered to be native to the northern coastline of Peru, and the last week in January is when Trujillo hosts the popular Marinera Festival. 

Finally, no trip to Trujillo would be complete without ceviche, a traditional dish of semi-cooked fish that is native to the coastline of Trujillo. Mixed with lime juice, onions, and spices, the tangy bite of Trujillo ceviche has been a staple food for centuries, and it literally offers the most authentic taste of the culture of northern Peru.
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