How to Get Off the Beaten Path in Turin

Tourists in Turin tend to make a beeline for Piazza Castello, the Royal Palace, the Shroud of Turin, the Egyptian Museum, and the 548-foot (167-meter) Mole Antonelliana tower. But, if you’re looking to find some hidden gems, you’re going to want to stray from the beaten path—see below for our top picks of alternative attractions in Turin.

Underground Turin
Many travelers in Turin are unaware that a secret network of tunnels, cellars, and shelters, lies beneath their feet. Visitors can embark on guide-led tours of this subterranean realm, walking through darkened underground corridors—originally built for defensive purposes—and chambers that were once used as air-raid shelters. 

Casa Martini
Set within an historic 19th-century building where the well-regarded Martini vermouth was first produced, Casa Martini now serves as home to a wine museum and Mondo Gallery Martini. The former exhibits objects relating to wine-making over the centuries, including Greco-Roman artifacts, while the latter chronicles the history and heritage of Martini & Rossi, one of Italy’s leading alcohol companies.  

Cesare Lombroso Museum of Criminal Anthropology
One of Turin’s best-kept secrets, this thought-provoking museum is set inside the University of Turin. Examine objects from the collection of Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso, including skulls used for study, crime weapons, wax death masks, and scientific equipment.

Borgo Medievale
Set within Parco del Valentino is the Borgo Medievale, a faithful full-scale replica of a medieval village. Originally built in the 1880s, the village mimics the style of a 15th-century medieval town, with porticoed houses, a drawbridge, and even a castle. Many of the buildings are modeled on real-life structures from throughout the Piedmont region. 
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