Wine Tasting Tours in Uruguay

Wine from South America extends beyond Argentina’s rich malbecs Chile’s savory carménères. Uruguay also boasts a well-respected wine industry that’s famous for its bold reds. Here’s what you need to know about Uruguay’s burgeoning wine scene.

Must-Try Varietals
Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the red wine produced from Uruguay’s most famous varietal, tannat (originally from France). So dark it’s almost black, it’s full-bodied and full of tannins—and pairs extremely well with roasted meats. Other popular red grapes grown in Uruguay include cabernet sauvignon and merlot. For white wines, Uruguay produces more chardonnay than any other type.

Must-Do Experiences
Explore the producers along Caminos del Vino, the famous Uruguayan wine route outside Colonia.
Learn how the winemaking process differs between red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines under the guidance of an expert winemaker at a family winery near Montevideo.
Escape Punta del Este for the a winery in the countryside, and indulge in a three-course lunch paired with great wines.
Enjoy an evening of wine tasting on a sunset wine tour from Punta del Este that visits several family-owned wineries.
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