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Albufera Natural Park

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The Albufera area is home to Spain largest lake and some of the country’s most scenic wetlands and lagoons. The natural biodiversity of the area contains hundreds of native plants. Nearly 100,000 species of birds can be found as well, including some rare and endangered types. Birdwatching can be done either by land or on the water by boat.

Traditionally fisherman have been of utmost importance to the economy and culture of Albufera, with their thatched roof houses (called ‘barracas’) dotting the landscape. Rice production is also significant here, in fields surrounding the area. The marriage of the two is evident in the region’s most famous dish, paella valenciana, which is served in nearly every restaurant here. Albufera was once a marine gulf, and is still connected to the sea by various waterways. Today it is a peaceful place to escape the city and enjoy some time immersed in nature.

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