Harrison River

Draining the beautifully clear waters of Harrison Lake, Harrison River is a short, but extremely important tributary to the Fraser River system in southern British Columbia, Canada. The river empties into the Fraser approximately a 90-minute drive from the city of Vancouver at the village of Harrison Mills. And although the river officially begins at Harrison Lake, the system is actually the continuation of the Lillooet River system which originates to the north.

Harrison River has suited many needs throughout history. In the 1860s, during the Fraser Gold Rush, the river served as a thoroughfare to the gold-rich area of Lillooet. Today, tourists flock to the area for a number of reasons and from a recreational standpoint, there is plenty to do along the river. For one, Harrison River is a hot spot for wild Salmon fishing. In fact, it may be one of the best rivers in all of Canada to catch Chum Salmon. Secondly, the area is home to the popular resort of Harrison Hot Springs which sits along the banks of the river and draws thousands of tourists year-round. Boating and canoeing is also possible on the river and along the shores you can find Kilby Park, which is home to a riverside beach and a camping area. 
Adress: Chehalis, BC, Canada
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